Welcome to Monolith!

Galone a posted Apr 4, 14
Poised to Conquer!

About us:
The officers and guild founders have all raided in "hardcore" guilds, but decided this atmosphere and play style were not to their liking, so as a result, Monolith was born!

Monolith is a friendly and fun atmosphere for our guild and raids (no point in playing a game if you're not having fun, right?!). However, we are serious about our raiding and uphold many of the beliefs of a hardcore progression guild. 

This includes:
- Gearing, gemming, and enchanting which reflects proper knowledge of the character's spec / off-spec.
- Properly gemmed and enchanted gear with the best available.
- Proper raid time arrival with acceptable raid attendance.
- Having great raid awareness, reaction, and effectiveness.
- Focusing and following raid lead instructions on every raid encounter, for every attempt.
- Consistently working on maximizing your character and your performance.
- Have, and use, key raiding addons (see further below).
- Performing at a high level.
- Providing constructive, productive, and honest feedback.
These are basic requirements which should not be new to serious raiders (such as aspiring Monolith raiders).

With that said, we aren't a "hardcore progression guild."
We do our best to not extend raid times, and we don't expect to fight for server firsts. 
However, our raid group has quite competitive individuals with high standards who expect well-paced progression with our short, but effectively spent, raid style.

As a raider in Monolith you will likely be provided with raiding essentials (flasks, potions, enchants, repair money, etc.). 
As such, we expect our raiders (and encourage all members) to contribute to the guild raiding supplies with whatever they can.
What we want is for you to show up for your raids, enjoy your time with our special collection of "unique and interesting" personalities, and ultimately have fun!

Current Raid Framework:

High Intensity Progression raids (20-man): 5:30-8:30 pm PST, Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday (Times may vary depending on progression and availability).

Moderate Intensity Progression raids (10-30 man Flex): 6:30-9:30 pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

*Alternate non-mythic raids may randomly occur on off-days which are non-mandatory.

Required Addons:
- Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs
- Weak Auras
- EPGP core
- EPGP Lootmaster

Suggested Addons:
- Skada
- GTFO (for those who are bad at getting out of bad!)

What we are recruiting:
- Currently we are accepting applications for both raiding types (High and Moderate intensity progression).

WHO we are looking for:
- Players who enjoy raiding, and hard challenges, above all else.
- Players who want, and know how, to maximize their usefulness to the raid and the guild.
- Players who put their raid/guild's needs above personal interest.
- Players who can think for themselves first, and follow directions second.
- Finally, we are looking for players who want to have fun while working on the hardest, most challenging, content this game has to offer at our pace.

Who we are NOT looking for:
- Drama mamas, Drama queens, Loot Whores, Troll-ohlolos.
- Players who are overly sensitive, and who cannot take constructive (sometimes harsh) criticism.
- Players who: want to join just for loot, or who complain that they don't get enough loot, or who complain that they didn't get loot they think they deserve.
**In other words, don't complain about loot, unless you want the boot.**

Furthermore, we hate all forms of complaining, trolling, and general negativity. This applies within, and outside of, our guild. Respect is very important to us, and the <Monolith> tag under your character's name means you represent our family at all times, and under all circumstances, whether you want/like it or not.

**If you're interested, and think you'll fit in, please apply here: http://www.monolith-kilrogg.enjin.com **

Once you submit your application, kindly contact: Drtybritches, Galone, Tarnius, or Supadupa in-game.